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Around the Framing Table – Stories to be Told

The framing table in our showroom is a table full of stories, memories and adventures that are shared by those who come in to frame up their art works, travel pieces, memorabilia and keepsakes.  The timber is not only scratched, etched and marked with time, but holds stories

and memories of days gone by, local history and exciting adventures.  Each day we learn something new about the world as people come in to chat, share their favourite holiday places, family events, family history or something exciting they want to preserve.

Today an upbeat, baby boomer couple came in to collect their refurbished, magnificent limited edition print of Brett Whitely’s.  It was a gift from Whitely to his father many years ago. The customer shared the story of how, as a young lad, he went around in a van selling cigarettes.  One of his regular customers was Brett Whitley.  Needless to say, the couple were ecstatic with the ‘make over’ as Brett was transformed and preserved in deep Mahogany and beautiful Museum glass.  That art work was going ‘straight to the Pool Room…”

An incredible link in this Sydney based story was that in the same week, we were treated to the opening night of the Sydney Opera House.  A very ‘stately’, elderly couple came in with two pieces of memorabilia showcasing a series of black and white photos and newspaper clippings featuring themselves performing at the Opera House Theatre. Hawaiian shirts and sombreros were a feature, along with sailors and minstral themes.   Here’s a little of the headlines:

“Opera House Lights up for a Party”… “Gala at the Opera House”….”Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats, the show is about to commence…”  “The ceremony began with a fanfare of trumpets and ended seven glittering hours later with ‘cheek to cheek” dancing on rich, purple pile…”    (The SUN Wednesday July 18, 1973).

We are constantly reminded of how unique our business is as it contributes to the preservation of memories, the sharing of knowledge and experiences that make up the lives of people from all walks of life who come into our shop every single day. We connect people, and in a place like Tweed Heads, so close to the Airport where people come and go as they travel near and far, connections have proven to be sometimes surprising.  Conversations strike up as people chat and compare their art works making our showroom a happy place.

Art can be many forms, but to surround the art you love with a well designed custom frame that becomes part of the story is the BEST art you could possibly have.

So on that note, we welcome you to our first blog and hope you hang around for the next story shared at our framing table.  Maybe it will be yours!

Photo:  The old Brett Whitely ready for a make over.  The same day…A Ken Done ready for a make over.  It was definitely our ‘Sydney’ artist week! 

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