Dancing in the Moulin Rouge

Can Can anyone?  Learning the ‘Can Can’, surviving the Paris street bombing, living away from home and learning the French language was all part of the journey for our Coastal Framing customer, Holly. I did a double take when I rolled Holly’s signed poster out on the Framing Table.  Moulin Rouge?  Sydney?  No.  Paris of course.  ... Read more

The Power of Papyrus

FROM AROUND THE FRAMING TABLE I’ve always been fascinated by papyrus which is an ancient version of what we know as paper.  It’s made form the pith of the papyrus plant, Cyprus Papyrus and is first known to have been used in Ancient Egypt. It’s a wetland plant that was once abundant in the Nile ... Read more

African Gallery Wall for Casuarina Home

How exciting and rewarding was it to create this collection of photos for Jeanette’s African Gallery, now hanging in her entrance lobby in Casuarina.  It was such a pleasure to hear Jeanette’s stories of adventure and create her African photo wall with her. A photo wall is a fabulous way to relive memories of special ... Read more

Around the Framing Table – Stories to be Told

The framing table in our showroom is a table full of stories, memories and adventures that are shared by those who come in to frame up their art works, travel pieces, memorabilia and keepsakes.  The timber is not only scratched, etched and marked with time, but holds stories and memories of days gone by, local ... Read more

Feature Work Samples

We are excited to showcase our custom framing that is designed at our framing table and created in our workshop. Look for inspiration.  We can recreate, alter and design similar for you. This is a collection of art work brought back from India framed with colours to reflect the indian culture displayed in the art ... Read more
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