Some say you should change your art work around each time you change your sheets. We often live with art that we once thought as magical, but we no longer really see it. Here's a few easy steps to achieve a whole new look in your home by simply swapping your art around.
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I was chatting with photographer, Ken Duncan, at a gallery function a while back.  Ken was explaining to me that people should change their art work in their home as often as they change the sheets on their bed.  And he was serious. My mind raced.  How often would I change my art work? Once a week or maybe once a fortnight? Mmmmm…..

How often do you swap your art work around on your walls?

The answer is probably not as often as you change the sheets on your bed.  But give this notion consideration as Ken may have a point. 

We often frame a special piece of art and proudly hang it in our desired space.  Day by day we walk past it and over time, we don’t really see it.  Like the view from our window, or the excitement we once knew when moving to the beach, we slide comfortably into taking our surroundings for granted. Things we once considered magical have now morphed into the background of our mind.

We know that the art we select for our homes makes our spaces look great because initially, we select it with purpose.  

Art allows us to showcase our unique personality and trigger responses in our mood, such as comfort and happiness. Art and photos can be the foundation for family conversations. It can also energise or relax us, depending on the colours and style we choose.

But all of these responses can only happen if we visually engage in the art work we have.

Take action and opportunity to find a new space for that feature piece in your home.
Changing this art from the master bedroom to the lounge, a new energy is found. Add white textured cushions, a larger white pot for the plant and white rug and the whole look has been updated.


With many of us having extra time at home, now is a great opportunity to revisit our wall art. 

I’ve worked through this process and definitely had fun in my own home. I added two new art additions and ditched three that didn’t inspire me. I’ve easily created a whole new look for the entire apartment for a relatively small outlay. 

Step 1 – Observe and ask yourself questions

Walk around your home, (with a glass of your favourite wine), and really LOOK at your existing art work.  Ask yourself these questions: 

Do I love it? 

How does this art make me feel?

Does this art evoke joy and memories and good times?

Does the framing look good, or is the art work tired and shabby?

Step 2Take all of the art work down

Now here’s the challenge as this requires considerable bravery. 

Carefully take all of your art work off the wall and place it on the floor in one room.  Spread it around. I stacked ours on the couch, the floor and the table. 

Have a very good, long look at it all.  Enjoy the memories or squirm. 

(For very large pieces you may have to imagine the empty space on the wall. Do NOT risk injury – especially if you have had a glass of wine). 

Step 3 – Sort it out

Sort your art work out into groups.

Select ONLY the art work you love and want to hang back on the wall. 

Put aside any works you love but think a new frame or refurbish may help revitalise it.  

Put aside any art you have destined for the bin. Go put it IN the bin NOW. 

Have fun grouping your selected art into colours and themes.  You may not have ever noticed how your art work matches, or some pieces sit well side by side. It’s a great idea to hang your art work on one wall or group similar pieces together to tell a story.  Gone are the days where you hang one art work in the middle of every wall. 

Step 4 – Check and clean

Check and clean your frames with a macro cloth and a windex sprayed onto the cloth. (You can get this at the supermarket. Don’t spray directly onto the glass of the frame). 

Check that the taping at the back is pressed flat and wipe the backs – you’d be amazed at how many cobwebs, Gekko droppings and insects have hidden behind these frames over the years. You may also take this opportunity to dust down the walls where the art has hung.

Step 5 – Be creative as you re-hang

Place your art work on the floor back around the house where you think it would look good.  Pin point at least one space for something new and exciting. 

When you are satisfied, rehang your art work in the new places.  You may have to duck out and get a few more hooks to hang.  Always use strong hooks recommended for the weight of your art.  We use Wall Mates from Bunnings.

Step 6 – Add something new to freshen up

It only takes one or two pieces of new art, a few matching cushions, some table place mats, a plant or two in a coloured pot and you’ve created a whole new space in your home for little expense. 


  • A custom mirror to make a space appear larger
  • A collection of old family photos that could be framed for a photo story wall?  
  • A photo wall of the children – maybe a black and white collection. 
  • A photo wall of the holiday in Bali? 
  • A new art piece from an artist – someone you know or a piece purchased online. 
  • Would a print brighten that space up?
  • Do I need a feature art work above the bed, the entrance, the family room or the dining area?
  • Can I add new frames or matting to that valuable, old art work to make it fit in with the decor? 
  • Would the children’s art work look great framed up in their bedrooms? 

Art comes in all styles and forms and each presentation can be catered for within a budget. From custom framing for longevity to our off the shelf ready made frames, each choice has a purpose.  

Now is definitely the time to reconsider your walls.  Christmas is approaching fast and let’s face it, with plans unsettled due to this dreaded COVID19, we don’t really know whose house our friends and family will be in. Maybe it will be yours.  

Rejuvenate your walls now and energise your heart and soul.  Enjoy the little things in life right now. Swapping your art work around may be one of them.

Here’s a great link to assist with your project

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