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ANZAC DAY Framing Coins

When I think of ANZAC DAY, I think of medals and marches that stir the soul. Today I was sorting through my coin collection and as I studied the coins, I was drawn to those that were of Remembrance and of the ANZAC story.  I always look out for the specialty,  minted coins that commemorate different events in our history. Today, I photographed  the ‘tail’ side of the coins with my iPhone so I could enlarge the image on the screen.  I was truly surprised at how lovely these designs are and how important they are in preserving our history and telling the story of our nation’s past.

I’ve been collecting coins at random for over ten years.  When our Grand daughters were born, I revved up my enthusiasm for collecting them because I could see that they would possibly be something of the past before too much longer.  Now, with the blasting movement of Bitcoin and its fast-paced relatives, how right could this be.

I love the magical jingling of money in my pocket and the feel of the dollar coin on my fingertips, feeling the embossed patterns.  Most of all, how can we replace that unique, greasy, street smell of money that will be taken over by the cryptic currency of cyberspace.  Another tangible commodity lost forever.

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My favourite is the five-dollar coin, showing Simpson and His Donkey, 1990. Then the two-dollar coin of Remembrance, 2013.  My challenge now is to find the Remembrance Day coin with the red poppy at the centre.

The Flanders Field coin is exquisite with the red, circular centre 2016 and the ANZAC 100 years Remembrance coin is a modern, symbolic design and crisp in its appearance.

Weary Dunlop, with his head bowed, on the fifty cent coin of 1995, is touching in its simplicity.  Likewise, the fifty cent World War 11 Remembrance coin of a family being united after the war is a simple, yet powerful image.

The twenty cent piece 2005, “Coming Home” World War 2 literally caused me to tear up as I remembered my uncle Jack, a lively young lad of 18 whom I never knew because he went to war and did not come home.

Who would think that our money would carry such intricate and important story lines of our nations.  Consider the loose change we carelessly toss around or give to a brave busker, the coins we donate to charity or buy a coffee with, the silver ‘change’ we  pop into the kids money boxes or the loose coins we place on the bar to celebrate the end of the week with a cheeky beer or wine.  Now I’ve got you thinking.  Maybe have a quick look to make sure the coin is not a collectable.

Every time we exchange a coin, we are spending more than money.  We are passing on a piece of our Australian history or a beautiful art work depicting our flora and fauna.  This is a tiny statement of our culture so let’s celebrate the artisans that created the coins, and preserve the coins the best we can. 


Custom framing of anything worth preserving is the best way to achieve long term protection against light, mould, damp, handling, and the keepsake getting lost.

I grouped the ANZAC DAY and war themed coins together and played around with some designs. I  could see how these would make a statement on the wall and start conversations with family and friends. By framing these coins in a custom frame, I would also be preserving them for future generations.

I just need to select a colour mat, a family photograph, a red poppy design or an attractive backing paper to mount the coins onto. Rex will use a reversible glue.  Then a box moulding to provide depth will make the frame strong and attractive. There is so much enjoyment in designing something so special for your walls at home.

I have remembered that my father had a collection of food ration tickets from World War 11 and I have a beautiful photo of red poppies from my mother’s garden.  I will consider these for framing in my ANZAC collection.


If you have a ‘coffee jar’ of coins, I urge you to go through them, or let the children have fun sorting them.  Some lead pencil rubbings over baking paper is also a great pastime for kids as it details the art work and designs.   You may like to frame some of the rubbings of the coins for an interesting art piece for their bedroom.

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You can  source collectable coins from the Post Office, or On line.  On closer inspection, I’m sure you will be surprised at the stunning designs and the application of the prints and motifs on the coins.

2018 ANZAC DAY REMEMBRANCE COIN – Learn More   If you have one of these, I would LOVE to see it.


Be inspired to give your family a gift for this special day by custom framing a small piece for the wall and keep those memories alive for the generations to come.

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