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How to Nail the Perfect Gift

During the year, we have opportunities to give the people we care about gifts.

How do you give something different, clever and more meaningful than the gift you gave last year?

Let me share the secret. We can help you create that unique, personalised and ‘tear jerking’ gift that holds a memory, looks great on the wall and becomes so personal that tears are almost guaranteed!!!

Let me share a story from around our framing table, of how this can happen for you.

Sharing stories from around the framing table can be both joyful and sad. However, in recent weeks many have given me a great insight into how people celebrate at this time of the year. The common thread is that families have needed to evolve in the way they celebrate Christmas. Our families grow with new generations, we may need to accommodate blended families and many of us have to think of ways to overcome distance and isolation as adult children move overseas and away from home.

Last week I was sharing one of these stories with a customer as she collected a beautiful art work we had refurbished for her home in readiness for Christmas.

Every year for the last 2 decades or so, her family has two traditional celebrations.

One where her offspring get together as siblings, over a weekend near to Christmas.  They meet without their partners and children, and have a ‘free for all’ down right earthy no secrets, get together.  Brothers and Sisters unite!  It may be a dinner with a sleep over, and sounded to me like a very ‘fun’ grown up kids ‘play date’.  This is referred to as “The Siblings” celebration.

The second celebration is when the siblings’ partners and the grandchildren, and now the 3 great grandchildren, get together with her, without their partners, (her offspring) to have a hosted, themed dinner followed by a sleep over in her home. What a great way for parents to enjoy their own children’s partners, grand children and great grandchildren without the actual kids around.

This year, our customer is thinking outside the square as to how she can accommodate the family in her new, small beach apartment. For many of us, (and Rex and I included), a small beach side apartment is great for one or two, but where do the kids go when they come to stay?

(In other stories, I have learned that that some customers have the same problem and book their kids and their families into local resorts…. They say its more economical than buying a bigger house and it saves on mortgage!)

So back to my customer.  I heeded her wise words:

“Christmas does not need to be fancy.  It is full of family, memories, talk, and fun where you create another beautiful memory to keep in the hearts and minds of the people who share it with you”

That’s why this year, the custom framing of special family objects, photos and memorabilia is on the radar.

I love it!!   And the other bonus is that a custom frame can tuck into the 20KG of luggage when the kids are flying home!

So if you are looking for that perfect, unique and special Christmas gift this season, consider a custom frame around something special from your family treasure trove.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • A piece of child’s art work – cut into a heart shape.
  • Theatre programs and tickets
  • Special Music that signifies a special moment (buy it on line)
  • Old Wedding photos of grandparents, parents and family
  • Tea towels
  • Christening gown, ballet shoes,
  • Baby photos
  • Your own wedding photos you still have on the USB
  • Number plates off his favourite, first car
  • His first drum sticks
  • LP covers from years gone by
  • Concert tickets
  • Jerseys and sporting memorabilia
  • War medals left in the drawer
  • Needlework, doilies, handkerchiefs,
  • Money – coins or notes from a travel trip – the honeymoon
  • A photo of a pet, dog, cat……
  • A beautiful photo or print – many available in our gallery
  • A print and frame package from our print studio – family photos
  • A restoration photo of days gone by. Printed and Framed.

The perfect Christmas gift:  Celebrate with heart and soul.

Love it.  Frame it.


Jen and Rex.


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