Vintage explodes for 2021 and I'm so excited that colour is back and plain white walls are gone. Vintage and Retro styling has made it to the forefront of interior design and the colourful and interesting prints adorning our walls are a welcome relief to the plainness that has dominated for the last few years.
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Retro colours, feature walls and plenty of “Illuminating” creates the new look.

Vintage explodes for 2021 and I’m so excited that colour is back and plain white walls are gone. Vintage and Retro styling has made it to the forefront of interior design and the colourful and interesting prints adorning our walls are a welcome relief to the plainness that has dominated for the last few years.

I love colour and as a Gemini I embrace the creative, the intuitive and having permission to change my mind often, depending on my mood.

Colour, texture and pattern are always on my agenda and knowing when and where to incorporate this correctly is the secret to good home design. If I am seeking the boldness of colour, I have learned that it’s best to keep it in the wall art, wall paint colour and accessories.

Colour is the most common starting point for selecting art. It can be used for its decorative beauty, to create mood and to express or arouse an emotion. When clients come into our gallery looking for art work it’s about colour. They look for the right blue, the yellow, the hue of pink or the exact shade of indigo. We’ve seen lots of yellow this year and the Pantone selection is the reason.

The Pantone colour of 2021 is “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Grey”

Illuminating is a soft yellow, bringing hope and happiness, calm and new beginnings.

Ultimate Grey is the complimentary colour and with these two colours in mind, we have created some fabulous collections for you to purchase in our gallery. These have been inspired by the trending themes along with what you may be looking for.

A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting”. Pantone.

Slim Aarons is back. Over the course of a career lasting half a century, Slim Aarons (1916-2006) portrayed high society, aristocracy, authors, artists, business icons, the celebrated and their milieu. His famous photography is now trending and we are excited to offer you a collection from our gallery.

A selection of Slim Aarons prints are now available in our gallery. Image: ©Coastal Framing and Design with Olivia Interior Designs

The type of art we choose has been a response to the new spaces we needed to create in our homes due to the pandemic. Wall art has easily become the centre stage as it creates backdrops for zoom meetings, helps educate our kids and influences moods and the energy within the home.

Work spaces for zoom and online meetings became part of our new home office.  

Wall Art:  Travel, photography, urban spaces and global images reminded us of where we’d been and where we want to go.  These were popular framing pieces for us in 2020. 

Home schooling spaces needed to be created.

Wall Art:  World maps in all colours and designs made their way to our framing table and surfing maps were popular. Images of wild animals from around the globe, with nature and natural environments such as the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, gave rise to conversations and learning for our home schooled kids.  

Alphabet posters, counting posters and spelling posters were also popular choices to frame for the home school room.

Master bedrooms became soft and luscious, creating a tranquil and relaxing space where we could get away from the world and dream of better times. 

Wall Art:  Florals with emphasis on the Australian bush, native flowers such as gum leaves, bottle brush, wattle and soft furry animals for kids rooms were popular wall designs.  Keeping in touch with nature is always a popular theme and what child could resist a koala for their bedroom? It is important to draw attention to nature and displaying quality wall art, conveys strong messages to our children.

We can see from our framing industry, that so many of the 2021 trends now seen in magazines and articles, were actually morphing slowly into our homes in 2020.  

Slim Aarons now available in the Gallery with vintage, walnut framing.

Foundation Colour matters

Backgrounds for styling are the colours of warm beige, soft grey, textured finishes such as wallpapers and colourful feature walls. Good-bye to having white walls everywhere. Chocolate brown is the new black and having the entire house painted with a white interior is gone. Risk taking is in as we brighten up and lighten up for a new year.

According to Whitehall Interiors,  “2021 will be a colourful year. We will be looking to infuse more colour and boldness in our projects in in 2021.”

Themes Matter

Wall art themes are highlighting the natural bush, the soft greens of the eucalyptus and general Ausie themes which are an inspiration to remind us of this great place in which we live.  Underwater themes, oceans, rainforests, arid environments and rich colours are seen adorning walls. The trend is to layer your art work and photography on the one wall, making a story or collage of different art works and frames. There is no such thing as “ I’ve run out of wall space”. 

Themes promoting energy with people being active in their natural environment are trending. Digging out your past travel photography of places and architecture make wonderful wall decorations. 2020 was the year people became more confident in showcasing their own photography for their home.

Colour Matters

The colours for that additional pop are yellow, with Pantone colour or the year 2021 being “Illuminate – Yellow” and Ultimate Grey.  Yellow evokes hope and happiness, a new start and excitement for 2021. Add some pop art, abstracts and make it bold and beautiful. Make a statement with oversize art work with big and bold colours or themes. Let the world know that you are ready for action in 2021.

Memories Matter

Family photos are so important to strengthen those connections with the people you love, especially if distance divides. Black and white photos can make a beautiful collection on a less obvious wall in your home.  These can be quite private and hidden away as taking time to ponder and reflect on the people and the experiences displayed becomes important. 

Last but not least, Vintage and Retro explode in 2021.

Vintage black poufs in trendy eclectic living room interior with brown couch

Colour, action, parties, fun and frivolity abound in vintage prints and posters. When we frame in warm timbers, walnut, teak and oak these ‘Californian’ style images create the retro look which I love. Retro is closely linked to my favourite designer, Frank Lloyd Wright. I’ve always been inspired by his minimalist, architectural textures and square, bungalow style home designs of the 1950’s. (One of our clients came in a while back telling me about the tour she’d recently been on – on an architectural tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs and builds in America – soooooo much love to do that).

The Gallery – Creating Vintage

Slim Aarons has made a comeback with his famous photographs of pool life and Californian style images of high flyers relaxing around their pools. You can combine these with the classics of Marilyn Munro or Audrey Hepburn in their vintage looks. If you happen to have photos from “Coolie Rocks On”, print and frame them immediately for your wall art and create the look.

Framing for the Retro look

Olivia and I have had fun creating themes for our framing options. Vintage and Retro are a new feature combining the warmth of walnut, teak and chocolate browns. We offer smooth or rustic browns to suit your style.

You can also have fun using mat boards when designing your frame to accent Retro themes. Use thinner mat borders, textured mats of suede and weaves, rough textures and denims. Create your unique vintage and retro fun for your walls now.

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Showcase your personality with fresh art on your walls as it brings so much inspiration, influences your mood and can give smiles worth a million stars. Art and photography in your home celebrates the good times and the people who are part of your life. 

Wall art holds your story, strengthens connections and starts conversations with family and friends. 

You can make it a glorious, colourful and arty 2021. : 

©Jen Hutchison 2021. Original images © Coastal Framing and Design.

Not to be copied, used on social media or reproduced in any way without permission from Coastal Framing and Design.

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