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Refund and Returns Policy – Insurance

It is important to us that you have an excellent customer experience with Coastal Farming and Design. We want you to be completely satisfied with your finished product. 

GUARANTEE – 100% workmanship

We can replace, free of charge, a faulty moulding, mat board or any product that is not to your satisfaction as ordered on your job sheet.

We do not offer refunds.


To receive our guarantee, you must have looked after your frame correctly. We do not guarantee against faulty transporting, incorrect hanging, bad storage or lack of care. Please read the following terms and conditions in regard to caring for your frame prior to contacting us for a guarantee fix.

If you engage a Hanging Service that we recommend, it is the customers’ responsibility to understand the guarantee, insurance policy held by the service provider. We take no responsibility for this service.


To benefit from our 100% workmanship guarantee, you must have cared for your frame in the following ways:

Picking Up Your Frame

  • Prevent knocking or bumping your frame against anything. Do not drag it on the floor. Ask for assistance from staff if you cannot manage your frame.
  • When transporting, allow space around your frame and keep it flat or upright.
  • Don’t put anything like shopping bags, baby strollers, car seats, or pets on the frame.
  • Ensure the weather is clear and the frame will not get wet.
  • Keep your frame away from other items in the car, and never lean it, unsupported from one side of the vehicle to the other. Do not slam the car door/tailgate against the frame.
  • Don’t leave your frame in the car for extended times, especially on a hot day. Heat and sunlight can damage the frame, so keep your frame out of the sun and heat.

Hanging Your Frame

  • Try to hang your frame within two weeks of picking it up.
  • Use the correct hooks/weight ratio. Always use a hook for your custom frame. We recommend Wall Mates.

Keeping Your Frame Safe at Home

  • Keep your frame away from any areas where it can be harmed by water, high humidity, or extreme temperatures—this means away from rain, fans, air conditioning, and heating like fireplaces. Keep the frame away from doorways, window, and anywhere where temperatures fluctuate or moisture can damage the frame.
  • Wood can change size with temperature, so placing it in a spot that’s not too hot or too cold is best.
  • Also, keep your frame out of busy areas where it could get knocked down.
  • Make sure it’s hung properly with the right tools, so it stays straight and secure.

Cleaning Your Frame

It’s very important to be careful not to get your frame wet. Here’s what you should do to keep it clean:

  • Avoid using a lot of liquid or spraying it directly on the frame.
  • Instead, put a little bit of glass cleaner (like Windex) or a cleaner for acrylic on a microfiber cloth.
  • Then softly wipe your frame with the cloth.

Using too much liquid can cause problems. The cleaner could get under the frame edges or behind the glass, and that might make moisture build up. When there’s too much moisture, you could end up with mould or changes in colour on your frame.

We guarantee against the design of the job when ordered. Any changes to the original design can be made at the customer’s cost.


Contact us within 2 weeks of collection if you are not completely satisfied with your framing.

We will ask that you either bring the frame in or take a photo and send through your concern via email to jen@coastalframinganddesign.

We will work with you to find a solution to the problem. We can replace faulty moulding, faulty glass, backings, hangers, mat boards or other details missed in the framing process that were ordered.

This applies to custom framing ordered in store and printing and framing ordered on our online shop.

At Coastal Framing and Design, it is out business to make people happy. With respect and communication, everything has a happy solution. Let’s just get it right…


It is the customer’s responsibility to have their valuable art work insured against any loss or damage.

Our insurance covers art work against work damage only, and only whilst inside our premises at Coastal Framing and Design at 5/25 Industry Drive Tweed Heads.

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