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What is Custom Framing

“Custom framing preserves your art work for a lifetime. A well designed custom frame houses your special memories against the elements of air, light and moisture. Your frame can reflect your interior design, allowing seamless integration with your home decor to make a statement on your wall. A well designed custom frame will showcase your art to the point of perfection.”
Jen Hutchison, Designer Coastal Framing and Design.

The benefits of custom framing over an off-the-shelf frame – Your custom frame will:

  • Preserve your valued art work against the elements, such as air, mould, dust and light.
  • Be the right size for your art work.
  • Decorate your interior spaces. A custom frame is custom furniture for your wall. It holds and protects your story, your art work and showcases your personality.
  • Be crafted from high-quality materials to make an impact and last a lifetime. From brainstorming an initial design concept through to producing the final product, we love bringing the best out of your art work so you can enjoy it on your wall.
  • Allow you to select from options that enhance our coastal and hinterland region. These include Hampton, Coastal, Industrial coastal, Scandinavian, farmhouse, vintage and many more interior design trends.
  • Be created from high quality timber, archival mat boards with a huge range of colours and textures to choose from. A range of glass options is also available to suit your requirements.
  • Give you an enjoyable, experience at the framing table that allows you to work with our designers.

How much does a custom frame cost?

Custom framing for artwork varies in cost depending on factors such as the size, medium, and materials required. These factors include the type of frame moulding, matting, and glass. Coastal Framing and Design offers three price ranges: Entry/basic level, designer, and conservation. To get an accurate quote, it is recommended to bring the artwork for a free consultation.

Appointments are not necessary but a phone call beforehand is appreciated.

Our Process

Entry Level
Custom Framing

A base level custom frame gives good protection against the elements and has minimal styling.

Premium Clear Glass – no light protection but nice looking and quality glass.

Ideal for prints, posters, kids posters, movie posters.

Preservation Framing

More design elements are added that include mat boards, textures and interior design features.

Upgraded glass to Ultra View, clarity glass which reduces glare and give a crystal clear view of the art work.  

Perfect for a statement piece in your home.  Interior design elements are considered and a frame to enhance your decor is chosen.


High grade framing includes hingeing, archival tapes, mat boards and glass from the Museum range.

Ideal for art work that needs to be protected for many years such as

family heirlooms, old photography and art collections.




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