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Take the time to organise your digital files to achieve great results when printing.
This A1 sized Print to Canvas is ideal for a lightweight art work above your bed.

We’ve made this shopping site as easy as possible, but there are some things that you need to know to help you with your experience for ordering your print and frame packages.

CONTACT: jen@coastalframinganddesign.com for assistance or phone shop: 0755234101 and ask for Jen.

And as our site is new, we greatly appreciate any feedback, comments or ideas that may improve our customer experience.

TURN TIME – on line ordering is not only better value for money but a priority in the work flow. We aim for a 5 day turn and then your shipping after that.



Upload files from 4MB to 20MB for ease of making sure they will upload into the shop.

Ensure your file is a JPEG.


  • A4 print size: Best pixels: 6MB, Minimum size file for an OK print: 4MB
  • A3 print size: Best pixels: 15MB, Minimum size file for an OK print: 6MB
  • 42cm x 42cm print size: Best pixels: 18MB, Minimum size file for an OK print: 12MB
  • A2 print size: Best pixels: 18MB – 20MB, Minimum size file for an OK print: 14MB
  • A1 print size: Best pixels: 20MB – for a fuller quality, files up to 40MB.

See more information about file sizes and PIXELS on this blog by Jen.

PIXELS: The puppy on the left does not have enough pixels to print the file – the print is ‘pixelated’.
The puppy on the right has adequate pixels to print at the size of the print selected.


  • We Print in 300 dpi for paper and 250dpi on canvas 
  • Please have your files sized and ready to print if possible.
  • WordPress uploads up to 50 mb. You may need to place 2 orders if you are ordering multiple frames. 
  • For satisfactory prints there will be a minimum sized file through to the optimum sized file for an excellent quality print.
  • This site accepts JPEG and PDF files only.

THE PROCESS – how to go about ordering .

Organise your file/files and place them on your desktop ready to upload.

Here are the steps to place an order:

  1. Choose your print and frame package, whether it’s under glass or on canvas, and decide if you want it unframed or framed in a float frame.
  2. Look through the options for printing and framing, such as paper type, matting, and frame color.
  3. Upload your file, ensuring it is either in JPEG or PDF format.
  4. When you proceed to checkout, you’ll receive an order confirmation with written details of your uploaded image. You can also see the image in your cart.
  5. Note that the file should be between 4MB and 48MB in size for successful uploading.

That’s it! Enjoy your custom print and frame package.

Shipping or pick up from store.

Select Pick up from 5.25 Industry Drive OR shipping. Add your postcode to the shipping location and you will be a quote and options from our shipping company. Select your option.

Complete the shipping details and move to checkout.

Products we use


One of our key offerings is Hahnemühle Fine Art cotton rag paper. This paper is renowned in the industry for its exceptional quality and archival properties. Made from 100% cotton fibers, this paper provides a distinct texture that adds depth and character to each print. Whether you’re printing vibrant colors or subtle black and white images, Hahnemühle Fine Art paper ensures accurate and visually stunning results.

In addition to our paper options, we also specialize in Epson Pearl Lustre photo paper. This paper is specially designed to provide a combination of stunning image clarity and a subtle pearl-like texture. It enhances the overall aesthetic of the print, making it a popular choice for photographers and artists. With our Epson printers, we can assure you that the color accuracy and sharpness of your artwork will be faithfully reproduced on this high-quality photo paper.

For those looking for a more contemporary and textured look, we offer Epson Satin finish Canvas. This canvas is specially coated to provide fade resistance and long-lasting quality. The satin finish adds a touch of elegance to any print, giving it a professional and polished appearance. Our printing technology ensures that the colors on the canvas pop and the details of your artwork are meticulously preserved.


Our timber frames are flat frames start ingat 20mm wide and 20mm deep.

For the A1 – we use a 30mm wide flat timber frame with 20mm depth off wall.

Box frames are 20mm face and 40mm off the wall with the photo framed at the front of the frame. These give your work a look of importance and sit 40mm off the wall.

CANVAS FRAMES: Canvas prints can be printed onto canvas and stretched only. The canvas is stretched over a stretcher bar and taped for neatness. A hanger is added.

A stretched canvas can have a ‘float’ frame added to it. This style is characterized by a 5mm width across the face and a generous 40mm depth off the wall. Sometimes referred to as a shadow box frame, the float frame creates a captivating illusion that the artwork is suspended, adding an extra layer of visual interest and depth.

You can order in an oak, black or white float frame to surround your canvas stretch.

Mat Board

MAT BOARD OPTION: When selecting your desired matting option, you have the choice between classic white or sleek black. Whichever option you choose, the matting acts as a visually stunning border between your photograph and the timber frame, creating a generous 50mm border that enhances the overall presentation.

The inclusion of a mat board not only adds an element of elegance to your image but also allows for greater artistic expression. The border provides a visual separation between your photo and the frame, drawing the viewer’s attention to the intricate details and colors captured in your image.

NO MAT BOARD: On the other hand, if you prefer a more contemporary look or have a large-format print, you can opt to forgo the mat board. By doing so, your print will occupy the entire frame, allowing for a larger display that will command attention and make a bold statement in any room.

No matter which option you choose, our goal is to ensure that your memories are showcased in the best possible way.

Finishing Your Frame


In our frames are finished with high-quality Perspex, ranging in thickness from 2mm to 3mm.

Perspex looks the same as glass with a soft shine. It is lighter weight than glass, unbreakable and necessary for shipping.

All frames come with a stainless steel hanging wire and felt bumpers for wall protection. The backing is acid free foam core and the frame is sealed with framing tape to protect from moisture and insect damage.

For canvas prints, we offer a mirror wrap and include hangers and taped edges. Additionally, float frames come with foam core backing for added support.

All of the frames are handcrafted in our workshop.  Your prints are printed in our print studio here in Tweed Heads. 

On line orders are a priority and the turn time is between 3 and 5 days depending on the size of your order. 

Courier time is on top of that and you will receive a tracking notification in regard to your order. 

PACKAGING – environmental commitment

We are introducing enviro friendly packaging that is able to be reused or which breaks down in the environment.

Individually, made to fit, raw cardboard boxes will bring you your frames.  Each box is environmentally friendly and your frame is cornered and/or wrapped in eco- friendly wrap with minimum impact on the environment.

Our business recycles cardboard, paper and glass. We are committed to sustainable framing products and being environmentally friendly. Please dispose of all wrapping in the correct manner.

Guarantee. All of our custom framing is fully guaranteed. See our terms and conditions.

Yours in Photography,



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