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Fine Art Printing

Our dedicated print studio delivers the best quality, fine art printing for photographers of all experiences and backgrounds.

This includes exhibitions, web site printing and framing direct to your customer, home decor and interior design packages.

Our new online shop caters for beginning, hobby photographers through to professional photographers.

Our Print and Frame packages represent value for money and allow for shop pick up or shipping.

Consultations. – Getting the best out of your digital files

When you work with us, you are receiving expert advice from professional photographers whether you are a pro. photographer or a home hobbiest.

We can give you advice on the size of your files, print options, paper choices and framing options. We’ll ensure you achieve your dream photo print and frame to showcase on your wall.

How to be prepared for your consultation

Tips for preparing your files for printing:

  1. Organize your files in a folder.
  2. Make sure your files are the right size and resolution for printing.
  3. Check the color correction, contrast, and brightness of your images.
  4. Remove any distractions or unwanted elements from your images.
  5. Place signatures or logos in the appropriate position on the image.
  6. Let us know if you want a border around your print.

If you’re not sure how to do any of this, we’re here to assist you. We can help with these tasks for a PHOTOSHOP additional fee. (sizing, cropping, black and white, deleting spots).

Printing Products

We only use the highest quality fine art photographic paper to ensure clarity, colour, longevity and a premium finish.

You can select from our wide range of Epson and Hahnemuhle fine art papers including 308gsm Cotton Rag, 260gsm Epson Pearl Lustre, German Etching and Metallic Pearl. We also print on quality satin or matt finished Epson canvas.


Cotton Rag mat paper: For a flat finish suitable for everything, but enhances textures such as trees, black and white images and heavily coloured images.

Lustre Pearl paper: Gives a small, pearly glow to the image and is great for wedding or family photos, water photos, something that would look good with a slight shimmer.

Statin Canvas: The is a quality canvas with a very soft, shimmery glow as it has a finish on it to prevent fade and scratching.

Matt Canvas: This is a flat look canvas without any grain. It gives a smooth finish but is not finished with a protector. Special care is required when handling as marking occurs easily.


We use Epson, Fine Art Printers: The Colour Sure 9900 and the 6060. We only use the dedicated Epson archival inks. Jen manages the print studio and prints every print as if it were her own.

If you want a test ‘proof’ of your image, we can do this before printing the final images at a small cost of $12


If you are looking for exhibiting your work in a shop or gallery, we can assist with sizing, suggestions and print and frame options. You may like to explore a ‘signature’ look print and frame option that is uniquely yours.


If you are a photographer setting up a web site to sell your own photography, we can fulfil your orders directly from ‘shop’ in our on line shopping menu.

If you require assistance with sizing of your file and needing advise on how big it will print, you can contact us here.

Large files can be sent via dropbox to with your details in an email.


Please do NOT send any files over 200MB or they will not be opened.

Files need to be high resolution TIFF files for large prints over A2 size and up to 20MB for smaller sizes. JPEG for small prints.

We are a professional and ethical printing studio. We only reproduce art work or photos from those that you own. It must be your own work or where you have the artist’s permission to reproduce it or have purchased downloads on line.

Print and Frame Packages


We offer exclusive consultations to create beautiful wedding photo walls to make your day unforgettable.

This beautiful package of Kim and Scott is framed in a classic style to compliment their wedding theme.  Classic black, white matting and copper accents make this story ‘unforgettably beautiful”.

Select your favourite images from your USB, wedding downloads or CD’s.  Share your story with friends and family as they are showcased on your walls.

Nominate your budget and we can design a package to suit. Custom framing allows so many variations and themes to match budgets, interiors and styles.  Call us today.

Photography by Two Peaches Photography

Photo Walls



We are excited to offer you a convenient ON LINE shopping experience.  Here you can order your prints and frames from the comfort of your home….or office.

These are printed and framed in exactly the same place as all of our custom orders.  We offer our full 100% customer guarantee on these products, the same as usual.

With choice of oak, black and white flat profile frames as well as our new offer in BOX frames, these are an ideal solution to avoiding the traffic on the M1.  DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR.


Shop Now 


Come and work with our friendly staff to print and frame your favourite landscapes, holiday shots, drone collections or abstracts to create masterpieces for your walls.

Whether you are a professional or hobby photographer, we have the answer to showcase your work.

Oversize printing and framing, going to AO or slightly larger is our specialty.  Corporate options for the office are available.

We use the finest printing papers and framing materials on the market.  The quality is guaranteed.



As an interior designer and a professional photographer, you will benefit from Jen’s knowledge, opinion and guidance to achieve your dream art work in your home and/or office space.

With new styles in coastal, traditional, casual, formal or elegant ornate framing, we have a style to suit all art work and interior spaces.

Jen has expertise in designing single, hero pieces for your walls or photo walls for your travel, family, wedding, or any occasion story to tell.

We appreciate a phone call ahead of time to ensure that Jen is available to assist you with this consultation experience.




The bigger the better!

We specialise in oversize printing and framing for large walls.

The largest we can print on either canvas or fine art paper is 100cm on the shorter side and up to 280cm on the longer side. We are only limited by the framing materials that come in, up to around 3m.

Contact us to ask about our oversize printing and framing.




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