Fine Art Printing

Our dedicated print studio delivers the best quality, fine art printing for photographers of all experiences and backgrounds.

We believe in a ‘no fuss’ approach to printing the best images. There’s lots to consider to make the perfect print and we aim to make the process as easy as possible for you.

“If you start with the right size digital file, the best calibrated monitor, the best printer and quality archival inks, the rest will follow. As passionate photographers ourselves, we treat every image as if it were our own”. Jen Print Studio

Consultations. – Getting the best out of your digital files

When you work with us, you are receiving expert advice from professional photographers.

Book your free 20 minute printing consultation for advice on the size of your files, print options, paper choices and framing options. We’ll ensure you achieve your dream photo print and frame to showcase on your wall. (You can opt for a second or extended consultation for a small fee @$60 per hour or part thereof).

Now that you’ve booked your consultation – be prepared.

-Organise your files into a folder, ready to upload via air drop for an IPHONE, or USB, email or dropbox prior to your consultation. See the link below.

It’s helpful if you can have our files “print ready”. That means that they are

– sized to the size you want your print to be and large enough to print. See my blog on pixel sizes here

-Your image is checked for colour correction – contrast, colour match, brightness.

-You have cropped out or cloned any distractions in the image that you don’t want.

-Have you signatures or logos placed on your image file and in the right place – not too close to the edge

-Please let us know if you want a border on your print – additional or included in the standard print size.

If you are unsure of any of this, we’re here to help. We are happy to do any of this work for you at a small additional cost.

Printing Products

We only use the highest quality fine art photographic paper to ensure clarity, colour, longevity and a premium finish.

You can select from our wide range of Epson and Hahnemuhle fine art papers including 308gsm Cotton Rag, 260gsm Epson Pearl Lustre, German Etching and Metallic Pearl. We also print on quality satin or matt finished Epson canvas.

Printers: We use Epson, Fine Art Printers: The Colour Sure 9900 and the 6060. We only use the dedicated Epson archival inks and all printing is carefully overseen by Jen and Chad in the print studio. If you would like a test ‘proof’ of your image, we are happy to do this prior to printing the final images.

Print and Frame Packages – The most convenient option

Your project is all printed and framed in one location. This has the advantage as we can oversee your project from the start to the finish. It allows you to have a vision for your finished art work.

For super-duper pricing, visit our “shop” in our menu (hamburger at the top of the page). These prices are kept to a minimum due to offering standard sized prints and frames with just oak, black or white frames to choose from. All online products are handcrafted in our workshop and have the same quality as with all of our custom framing.

On Line SHOP – The fastest and less expensive option

We now offer an on line, easy to order option for your prints and frames. You can easily order your printing and framing packages on line from the convenience of your home or office.

We guarantee a fast turn around of 3-5 days print and frame. Shipping time is additional depending on the service.

Go to ‘shop’ on our menu. When we package and ship your prints, your own branding sticker can be attached to the mailing tube.

Exhibitions – Enjoy your own signature brand of framing

If you are looking for exhibiting your work in a shop or gallery, we can assist with sizing, suggestions and print and frame options. You may like to explore a ‘signature’ look print and frame option that is unique to you.

Web sites – Let us help you sell your photos

If you are a photographer setting up a web site to sell your own photography, we can fulfil your orders directly from ‘shop’ in our menu:

This includes prints only or print and framing packages.

Reproduction Art from your own Digital Files

Our print studio can print from your digital files. You need to have your files in high resolution, Tiff and print ready.

If you require assistance with sizing of your file and needing advise on how big it will print, you can contact us here.

Large files can be sent via dropbox to with your details in an email.


Please do NOT send any files over 200MB or they will not be opened.

Files need to be high resolution TIFF files for large prints over A2 size and up to 20MB for smaller sizes. JPEG for small prints.

We are a professional and ethical printing studio. We only reproduce art work or photos from those that you own. It must be your own work or where you have the artist’s permission to reproduce it.

Blogs and Bits

Learn more about printing and framing when you read our blogs. With expertise in interior design, photography, printing and framing, Jen enjoys writing blogs are informative and entertaining.

How to take good digital files of your artwork gives you tips on how to photograph your own art for reproduction. Read here.


Just Print – prints only

We offer a print only service. You may collect your print from the shop or we can ship it in a tube. Packaging and shipping cost is added. Prints can be ordered on line in our ‘SHOP’ with delivery.

Family Photos – Copy and restore

Old family photos tell your story and are worth preserving. We can scan, photo edit and reproduce your photo to showcase in a new custom frame. Our photo editing suite includes converting a colour photo to black and white or sepia, taking out dust and generally working on your photo to restore the image as near as possible to the original.


Print and Frame Packages

Wedding Photography

Do you have your wedding photos on a CD, USB or the internet?

Make and appointment to come in and have your favourite images of your special day printed and framed.

Print your images and tell the story of your theme, your colours and your feelings. There are so many beautiful options available in mat boards, frames and themes.

Printing and framing is a sure way to keep those memories alive for you, your family and friends.

Photo Walls

Wholesale pricing - Shop online at Love it Frame it for convenience - photographers - home decorating

As an extension of our custom framing, our online store is convenient and easy to use. You can create your own print and framing packages. They are printed in our print studio using the same quality fine art papers and hand crafted in the same workshop as Coastal Framing.   Same framers, same quality and delivered to your door Australia wide.

The Love it Frame it web site comes with information about file sizes, photography, design and FAQ. Contact links are available if required and you are welcome to contact us at Coastal Framing for personalised assistance.

Shop Now 

Your own photos printed and framed for your walls, framed with style.

Let us work with you to frame your favourite landscapes, holiday shots, drone collections or abstracts to create masterpieces for your walls.

Make and appointment with our designer to start the process. You can email or bring your photos in on USB.

We specialise in oversize printing and framing, going to AO or slightly larger.  You may like one large feature piece OR several to create several for your home or office.

The sky is the limit.

Photo Walls to showcase memories of travel, family and occasions.

We specialise in designing unique and bespoke photo walls for home interiors. Our designer can work with you to create your own unique photo collage.

To begin the process, book an appointment with Jen.  As an interior designer and a professional photographer, you will benefit from her knowledge, opinion and guidance to achieve your dream photo wall.  With options of colours, matting and framing, your wall can be as simple or as wild as you like.


Enlarge your own photos and frame them for your walls.

Coastal Framing and Design