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How Beautiful was my Grandmother

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Inspiration from Days Gone By

Last November, our son was married and his bride decided at the last minute to ask family members, from both sides of the family, for a photo of themselves on their wedding day.  Other generations were discovered in the mix as we dived around in long forgotten albums and boxes.

The bride then placed these photos in simple frames on a mantle where, as we walked into the reception venue, we were greeted by the smiling faces of present and past family members on their wedding day. Two combined families of brides and grooms!

What a cultural story – Two families with different heritages united in the similarities of their wedding celebrations. Its hard to explain the feeling but that sense of identity, belonging and the immediate interest and stories that were found in that small space during the evening connected us, wound back the clock and gave us a perspective of where we exist in time. As we stepped into the future with our new bride and groom, the photos brought joy, memories and soul to the occasion.

Keeping our family photos in good order is part of our legacy.

I particularly loved the photos that were pre – colour film (1945) which are hand painted and finished.  The subtle colours of pinks, blues, yellows and greens were often painted to show the colour of the flowers, a head piece or part of the wedding dress.

It amazes me that people bring these beautiful photos in to our showroom to be framed and don’t realize the historical value of these as an art piece, as well as a valuable family memento.

The so-called golden age of hand-coloured photography in the western hemisphere occurred between 1900 and 1940.

By the 1950s, the availability of colour film all but stopped the production of hand-coloured photographs. (Wikipedia)

Have you discovered any of these hand painted, valuable family photos in your albums or photo boxes?  Any pre digital photos need to be stored correctly to ensure they survive the generations.

  • Keep them out of any light and air
  • Store them in a sealed space so damp and mould cannot get in.
  • Don’t let them touch any wood, paper or other acid products that can cause ‘foxing’.

These photos become fragile with light and air, so the best way to store them is in a custom frame. It covers all of the above criteria to ensure they are in good condition for future generations to enjoy.

So, to help you on your journey to save, enjoy and keep your family photos as part of your story telling, we now offer photo reproduction through digital imaging.

You may like to bring in one or two of your favourite family images to have reproduced and re framed to begin your family story.  Young children delight in pictures and stories of family occasions.

You can give your old photos a ‘lift’ with a new frame to suit your modern house décor or keep them in a more traditional look. When you choose a custom, conservation frame it will keep your photos in good condition for generations to come.

We also offer story boards of your family photos, complete with text that you may like to add. We can print these to canvas for a more casual look in your beachside home.

Keeping it in the family….about the family….for the family…

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