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My brother’s wife, Carole, is a Dylan Tragic. Over the years, we’ve framed Dylan Memorabilia for her that exceeds all imagination. Records, diaries, posters, prints, concert tickets, gloves, books and sheet music. This collection comes together to make a ‘shrine’ of nostalgia in their home.  Of all of this, the vinyl records and their covers make the best ‘art’ pieces on the wall.  

Preserving memories by framing records from iconic artists like Elvis or the Rolling Stones can be captivating. It’s a sentimental way to capture the essence of those unforgettable moments. In this blog, I will guide you through the steps to preserve your cherished vinyl memorabilia as a framed artwork for your wall. 

From selecting the records that hold personal significance to choosing the perfect frame and displaying it with care, we will help you create a visual representation of your most treasured music moments and the power of framing memorabilia.

Steps to preserve memories with memorabilia framing

1. Select your records:

Choose the vinyl records that hold sentimental value or have a significant connection to your memories. Look for albums or songs that have personal meaning or were part of memorable events or experiences. Browsing through record stores is a great way to indulge yourself in music memorabilia and offers you a chance to purchase something that resonates with you. 

One of our favourite projects of framed memorabilia which brought enormous joy to our customer was the vinyls of Credence Clearwater Revival in a vinyl record frame.  

2. Select the right frame:

When you book your consultation, we will give you options to find a suitable frame that fits the size and style of the record. We select the record display frame that reflects the era and the nostalgic theme that that is associated with your record. We tend to go for a box frame which offers depth and sturdiness. With museum or high grade acrylic glass, your memorabilia is sealed up against the elements or light and air which means that your vinyl is protected for years. Mat boards offer the opportunity to help tell the story and our range of textured matboards is popular. For dance records we love to use the brushed suede, for Metallica – of course metal and foil mats, for ‘The Stones’ we’ve chosen black and white linen. The Cooly Collections vinyl album features black linen and a red, frame.

There’s no doubt that black is the most popular colour for memorabilia, with silver a close second.

3. Mounting the vinyl record:

Our framer carefully places the record in the frame, ensuring it is centred and securely attached. We use conservation methods to mount your record which keeps your vinyl in its original condition. It’s a good idea to include all of the purchased memorabilia with your framed piece, as the value will appreciate.  If you break up the the pieces, for example, the record and the cover by keeping the record out, the value of the vinyl piece will depreciate. 

4. Display placement:

Decide where you want to display your framed record. Choose a location that is visible and allows you to appreciate the artwork and memories associated with it. Consider wall space in your home, office, or a dedicated music-themed area.

5. Protect your framed memorabilia from environmental factors: 

Place the frame away from direct sunlight to prevent fading or damage to the record. Avoid areas with high humidity or extreme temperature fluctuations. Dust the frame regularly to maintain its appearance and check the taping at the back from time to time to ensure air is not sneaking in. 

Utilising museum or conservation grade glass will prevent fading due to both exterior and interior light shining on your memorabilia. The most faded aspect of memorabilia is most often the signatures. We can prevent this by using conservation grade glass.  

6. Add your own personal touches:

Consider adding additional memorabilia or decorative elements around the framed record. This could include concert tickets, backstage passes, photographs, or handwritten notes related to the event or artist. These additions enhance the overall display.

Some of our Music, Memorabilia Framing

Final thoughts

Remember, preserving memories through framed vinyl records, memorabilia and print is a creative expression of your passion and nostalgia. It allows you to enjoy the visual representation of cherished moments and music that holds a special place in your heart.

Work in Progress – “Sticky Fingers” Rolling Stones. Black on Black.


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