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"Brainstorming" is the perfect art work for the home office
This formal home office space is branded with “Brainstorming” which is a common practice in this work place.

With many of us having the opportunity to work from home, our home office is becoming our preferred workspace.  We spend most of our day here with our phones on speaker, zooming from one client to the next, dealing with chatbots, shuffling files across one storage account to another, chasing the cloud and generally solving the problems of the world. 

But have you considered the aesthetics of your work space and the effect is has on yourself and others. 

It’s important to brand your office space.

I challenge you to look around and see if your home office ticks the boxes of being pleasing, motivating, and shouting your brand to your clients.  When you chat on a visual platform, people are welcomed into your workspace and what they see is what they get for the next half hour or so. They are literally connecting with you and your workspace.  

In business, we tend to focus on giving great customer service in our face-to-face interactions. Our team works hard at sending constant messages to our clients about our brand, who we are and our products.   

Our home office also needs to reflect these important considerations and more importantly, to remind us of our work goals, ethics, and our passion.  A blank wall tells a blank story. We need to be immersed in our story, motivated and focused as our coffee infused mornings morph into family charged evenings when we work from home. 


The number one consideration is your wall art.  At Coastal Framing and Design, we invite you to connect with your colleagues and clients with these newly released, motivating art works which have been especially created for the home office. 

These original prints fall into the abstract genre.  They will not distract from the purpose of your work as they are easy on the eye and create smooth backdrops. The designs promote energy, movement and flow. The names of the images were chosen to embrace the corporate theme.  Whilst they are perfect for your home office, they would work in any other corporate or home interior space that requires a modern and inspirational décor. 


An inspirational, abstract series from the “Reflection” Collection.
Fine Art Prints available any custom size and custom frame.


  • You won’t find this collection anywhere else as it is exclusive to Coastal Framing and Design. 
  • Each can be colour lightened, altered or adapted to suit your preference. The names of each art work, slogans, mantras and wording can also be added over the art to create an extended, visual story.
  • You can custom order: This art can be printed any size and on paper to frame or canvas to stretch.  
  • The images are from local surroundings, found in the Northern Rivers. 
  • When printed on canvas, they do not reflect light, which makes them ideal for the wall facing your computer screen – the one your meeting participants are looking at.  
  • The images can be left unframed, or framed, in a float frame which gives it style and a more upbeat look. 
  • Each has a motivating name which originates from the design in a work-based theme.  This can be added over the artwork as it is reproduced.   
  • This collection has been recently hung in our gallery for you to view and purchase. You can also custom order for your individual requirements. 


  • Art work that reflects your business: Drone photo of your location, framed business merchandising posters.
  • Certificates, Education Records. awards and achievements
  • Photos of any work you may have done, such as houses built, machinery, or products.
  • Maps, drawings, designs, mood boards that you have done that tell’s the story of your work. Custom framing brings them to life and with stylish frames, they are a cut above the rest.
  • Something that tells your personal story, such as your Arsenal jersey framed: Memorabilia.
  • Mantra’s, Goals, and slogans, inspirational quotes, goals and directions in texta, words, reminders. 


To start the conversation around art for your home office, come on in to the Gallery and browse our collections. Bookings are preferred if you would like a one on one consultation.

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You home office is your sanctuary. It’s your engine zone for creativity and problem solving. Make it your own and shout out your brand. Make sure you enjoy working in the space with surroundings that motivate you, and inspire others, when they connect. 


Dip. Freelance Photography: Diploma Interior Design: Designer: Coastal Framing and Design.


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