It’s late evening and I’m sitting at the computer with the shutters open, the lightning flashing in the distance and the sound of rain on the roof.  It’s been a while since I’ve heard that sound and felt the freshness of the air.  Design trends are like the rain. They come around in due time. Like ... Read more


I was invited into the home of one of our customers last week and was over the moon with what greeted me.  On the walls were a collection of art works, correctly hung, each encompassing a particular aspect of family life. They included travel photos, a wall collage and two, feature photos of family celebrations. ... Read more


Suggestion: Frame with a white mat at 80mm wide, and an aqua, inner mat at 5mm. Add a blue 30mm timber frame to give the art work a good boundary and finish in perspex for safety and lightness in a child’s room. I love the rawness of little kids art. The circles with long sticks ... Read more

WINE, ROMANCE and a Change of Scenery

I love living here on the coast with just an easy five minute walk to the edge of the thumping Pacific. But every now and then I hanker for a change of scenery. The mountains beyond the M1 with their winding roads, rainforest glens and tall timbers, offer a reprieve from the coastal sand, salt ... Read more

ANZAC DAY Framing Coins

When I think of ANZAC DAY, I think of medals and marches that stir the soul. Today I was sorting through my coin collection and as I studied the coins, I was drawn to those that were of Remembrance and of the ANZAC story.  I always look out for the specialty,  minted coins that commemorate ... Read more

Pantone and Pansies

Our Grandfather lived with us when we were kids.  He thrived on Club Chocolate, sipped a nip of brandy in warm milk at bed time and rolled his own Drum ‘rollies’. He died at 95 fit as a fiddle. Pa, as we called him, also planted, tended and grew the most spectacular and productive gardens that ... Read more

Let your Art Talk .. and Walk ..

The art work you hang on your walls shouts your personality. It tells you and others about your style, what you like, where you’ve been, what is important to you.  It adds colour, fun, memories and delight to walls that could otherwise be bland and uninteresting.  So over the summer, when the kids, parents or friends ... Read more

How to Nail the Perfect Gift

During the year, we have opportunities to give the people we care about gifts. How do you give something different, clever and more meaningful than the gift you gave last year? Let me share the secret. We can help you create that unique, personalised and ‘tear jerking’ gift that holds a memory, looks great on ... Read more

The Mystery of the Jersey Number

NUMBERS ARE NOT JUST NUMBERS WITH another winter season of football coming to a close, I can feel your excitement as you grab your favourite jersey and race along to the Picture Framer to get it framed. You’re about to preserve the odour, the colour, the sweat and tears of the games, and the NUMBER forever!! ... Read more

How Beautiful was my Grandmother

Click here to discover inspiration for the modern bride Inspiration from Days Gone By Last November, our son was married and his bride decided at the last minute to ask family members, from both sides of the family, for a photo of themselves on their wedding day.  Other generations were discovered in the mix as ... Read more
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